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Trade Products

In order to compliment our product range of rubber chemicals we offer a variety of trade products. BASF koresin is a high performance tackifier, frequently used in tyre and belting applications, e.g. in tread and sidewall building, while Evonik Vestenamer 8012 is a polymer process additive useful in a varity of applications where uncured dimensional stability is essential.

1) Koresin® is a registered trademark of company BASF SE 
2) VESTENAMER ® is a registered trademark of company Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH

BASF / Koresin® Pastillen
  • Condensation product of butylphenol and acetylene
  • Yellowish to light brownish pastilles

Density: 1030 kg/m³
Softening point (Ball-Ring): 135–150 °C

  • Tackifier resin
  • Excellent long-term tack
Evonik / Vestenamer® 8012
  • Cyclo octene polymer
  • White granules

Density: 910 kg/m³
Meting Point: 50–58 °C

  • Cross-linkable additive
  • Works as lubricant above melting point
  • High stiffness below melting point
  • Acts like a polymer in the vulcanised compound