Latex Additives

Reliable Products for stretchable Application Conditions

Latex, whether made from natural or synthetic rubber,is a versatile compound able to service a wide set of applications. Its surfacecan be endlessly modified so to allow virtually unlimited bonding with a widerange of materials.

Schill + Seilacher's superb latex processing additiveshave been developed to guarantee that our customers can fulfil theirmanufacturing needs and individual requirements. Our additives enable ourcustomers to adapt latex to a vast and varied range of applications and enablea more environmentally-conscious manufacturing process. Struktol products dependablyimprove durability and robustness, while enhancing quality and stability.

As recognized partner in the development of new andinnovative latex processing solutions, our products are used in a broad spectrum of applications worldwide, e.g. in the paper, carpet, paint and tyre industries as well as in the manufacture of mattresses and textiles. Known forthe efficient and effective incorporation of the latest technology, Schill + Seilacher is dedicated to the development of new products and the discovery of new applications for our customers.

Common uses for Latex in general:

  • rubber treads
  • foam articles
  • carpet backing
  • dipped rubber goods
  • paper coatings
  • adhesives