Reactive Polymers & Flame retardants

Extraordinary chemical modifiers turn adhesives and reactive resins into high-performance materials

Adhesives and matrix resins can be effectively enhanced using reactive chemical modifiers to significantly improve technical properties such as impact strength, flexibility and adhesion or fire performance to meet a wide range of requirements.
These modifiers are particularly common in reactive formulations for adhesives, prepregs and epoxy resin blends for composites as well as for coating systems and casting resins. Our modifiers can be used with all conventional epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins.
Our comprehensive product range of flame retardants, additives to increase tackiness (Tackifier) and impact strength (Toughener), flexibilizers, bio-based polyester resins up to complete systems for the composites industry offers solutions for a wide range of products and application industries.  
We are developing customer-specific "tailor-made" products in trustful, direct cooperation with you as our customer and combine your requirements with our know-how. We respond to current market needs and new technical challenges with a high degree of flexibility, thus achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.