Silicones - that’s a good choice

Silicones cover a wide field in the modern chemical industry. Wherever classic products meet physical limitations it is possible to find an alternative with silicones. Remarkable features of silicones are inter alia particularly high temperature stability, good lubricating properties, excellent soft grip or good hydrophobizing.

Our enterprise, as a well-known producer of additives and speciality processing agents, has made use of these possibilities and offers far reaching solutions to the rubber and plastics industry, for textile and leather applications and for the manufacture of polishes, care products, laggings and polyurethanes, areas which call for the high quality of silicones.

In this brochure you will find one part of our productrange, which is continuously improved and enlarged. As a supplier of chemical specialities we are in a position to produce tailor made products for any application. At the same time our development team attempts to meet the demands of your application and is always prepared to give maximum technical assistance on the spot.

In case you should not find the right answer to your application in this brochure please give us a call and in a mutual discussion we will find a solution to your problem.