Release Agents

Release. Nothing easier than that - Reliable product for High-Tech Release Solutions

As a worldwide leader in thearea of processing additives for the rubber industry Schill + Seilacher "Struktol" GmbH is aware of processing problems and challenges that might appear and have to behandled during production of high tech rubber articles.

Since many years the Struktol specialists focus especially on complementary external process promoters just as mould release agents, mandrel release agents and surface coating products.

With a lot of research and development "know-how" and experience in this field, highly technical and professional solutions e.g. in the field of semi permanent release agents, biodegradable mandrel release agents, water based release surface coatings etc. have been successfully introduced in the rubber market already.

Our excellent equipped application laboratory with a variety of test facilities and a close contact to the industrial rubber market allows us to provide state of the art release, coating and assembly solutions to our customers in the rubber industry.