Antitack Agents

The surface of films made from rubber, especially natural rubber, have tendency to stick together due to its naturally high surface tack. Unfortunately, this trait can result in problems storing and transporting latex products. Anti-tack agents are materials designed to eliminate the self-adhesive quality of rubber products and are applied to products to form a thin protective anti-tacky layer on the surface.

Struktol® LR 162
  • Inorganic fillers, surfactants and auxiliary materials
  • 31 % active material
  • Effective in coagulant bath
  • No contamination of former
  • Minimal settling when diluted
  • Sediment does not “cake”
  • Zinc-free
  • Complies with 21 CFR 177.2600 (FDA)


  • Dipped and cast latex articles, latex threads, etc.
Struktol® LR 447
  • Aqueous solution of potasium soaps
  • 21 % active material
  • Free of inorganic fillers
  • Solvent-free release agent with very good release and gliding properties for many polymers
  • Reduces stickiness of NR-latex films in the wet and dry state (stripping and storage)
  • Strongly improves the lubricity of wet polymeric films
  • All ingredients are listed in the EU-regulation 10/2011 and the CosIng data base


  • Dipped goods
  • Cast articles
  • Latex bands
  • For NR and other latex types