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Silicone based chemical additives are integral ingredients used in a wide range of applications worldwide.

Dependent on the application and sector of use, the modifications we typically make in our silicon production range from the simple to the complex and nuanced, where even a small change in dosage can drastically change outcomes.

Our Silicone research and development team works in tandem with the technical sales team and the diverse set of customers we have, so to develop not only the desired chemical and silicone modifications but to make sure that the endresult is indeed optimized for its intended application.

For thes every reasons, we are experienced in a wide-breadth of industries:

  • Construction and the construction materials industries
  • Processing aids for textiles, fibres and leather manufacturing
  • Stabilizers for PU-foams
  • Defoaming agents
  • Release agents and lubricants
  • Cosmetics
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Polishes and maintenance products
  • Wide breadth of specialized and niche products

Controlling the interplay between chemistry, physical and procedural properties and to attain the chemical conformity needed for a successful solution, is the core competence of our Silicone Team.

Through close cooperation with our customers, we are well experienced in designing and developing tailor-made solutions.

We offer a wide spectrum of exceptional standardized products but our greatest strength is our flexibility when incorporating our customer's real concerns into our development process and offering innovative ideas and solutions in response.

Application optimization and customer oriented service are our overriding priority. In conjunction with our development strategy, analytical resources and our application engineering know-how, we apply our many years of experiences to each project so to help our customers meet their application and technical needs.

We offer:

  • Customer oriented application solutions
  • Modern development strategies
  • Many years of successful experience
  • A comprehensive product portfolio
  • Tailor-made and speciality formulations

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