Research + Developement

Struktol Antifoams - synonymous with innovation, quality and adaptability.

Our experience – Your benefit

Our corporate philosophy is one dedicated to developing speciality products that are application targeted and maximize production efficiency across all industry branches.

Built upon a foundation of years of international experience and tradition, we have the know-how to foster the innovative spirit in our Struktol specialists, to work with customers to develop the new generation of antifoam agents.

Struktol Antifoams are optimized for specific applications. Be it preventative or prescriptive antifoam applications, we offer a wide range of uniquely structured products. Our antifoams improve product quality and reduce production cost by adding efficiency and process stability to the manufacturing process.

Our quality promise – Your peace of mind

As industry, environmental and human needs evolve, the challenge to keep our antifoams relevant and solution oriented is continuous.

Observing both current trends and the latest developments, we strive to offer products that are both high quality and environmentally friendly, while retaining effectiveness and retraining regulatory compliance. Our manufacturing process sets the example.

Our goal– Your advantage

Active and directed research and development is the life and future of our Struktol team. Technical developments and current market trends guide our creativity and enable us to identify our new possibilities and opportunities, optimally preparing and securing our future.

In addition to a comprehensive range of Struktol Antifoams, we offer our services as a development partner, to help design tailored solutions to a customers specific needs.

Our customers desire an effect and high quality product, complemented with technical proficiency and excellent service.

We do too.

Please feel free to contact us under:  research.antifoam(at)